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Our vision for reading at Holy Family allows pupils to become confident, fluent readers who will develop a lifelong love of reading. We aim for children to be exposed to diverse texts across all areas of learning. By immersing our children in quality literature, we allow them to visit new places, explore new ideas, meet new people and develop their cultural capital.  


In readiness for the world, we believe that we need to teach children how to comprehend, interpret and apply reading skills in all curriculum subjects. We teach children through whole class and small group guided reading sessions. The skills of inference, inquiry and interpretation are taught discretely and children are encouraged to apply these skills to a range of ‘real life’ texts.

Children are encouraged to read a wide variety of genres and they have access to a range of books through our decodable phonics scheme, our school library and their own classroom library. 

To encourage a love of reading, all children have access to the school library. The library has been designed to support our on-line reading program, Accelerated Reader. Click here for a Parent's Guide to this program.


Reading at Home

Reading with your child can have long-lasting benefit for their future. There is a difference in reading performance equilivalant to just over a years schooling between young people who never read for enjoyment and those who read for 30 minutes a day.

There are lots of ways you can help your child get more out of reading a story. Have a look at the sheets below for ideas about what to do when reading with your child.

KS1 & EYFS parents click here

KS2 parents click here

Click here for recommended books for each year group


Reading Awards

Children are expected to bring their reading book/library book into school every day. The expectation is that children read at home at least three times a week and that parents sign their child's reading record. We reward lots of reading at home by allowing children to come to school in their own clothes for every 50 reading points that they earn. They will also receive a certificate to acknowledge their ongoing hard work. 

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