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D & T

As stated by the Design and Technology association:

“Design and Technology gives children the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and understanding of designing and making functional products. It is vital to nurture creativity and innovation through design, and by exploring the designed and made world in which we all live and work.”

At Holy Family, Design and Technology is about providing opportunities for children to develop and extend many capabilities. By combining their design and making skills with knowledge and understanding they learn to create quality products that have a purpose in the world – whether functional or simply to inspire awe and wonder. Design and Technology provides a meaningful context for applying literacy, mathematics, science, art, PSHE and ICT skills and knowledge.

As well as being given the opportunity to make decisions for themselves and taking part in practical work, children at Holy Family love creating products they can see, touch and even taste for themselves, then selling them at our Christmas Fair and Enterprise day. This gives the children a real sense of purpose and pride.