Holy Family Catholic Primary School

Collective Worship


Collective Worship and Prayer

Prayer is an integral part of daily life at Holy Family and all children are given the opportunity to engage, respond to and celebrate the teachings of the Catholic Church through prayer each day, regardless of their background.

Collective Worship provides staff and children with the opportunity to come together to worship God. Christ is always at the heart of Collective Worship and whilst being respectful of diversity, beliefs and commitments, it is distinctively Catholic in nature, reflecting on the liturgical tradition of the Church. Collective Worship is delivered daily and is an activity in which all participants can contribute and have their ideas valued, whilst deepening their understanding of Catholic teaching and the presence of God.

Acts of worship at Holy Family are delivered using age and stage appropriate scripture and aim to be short and appropriately paced (children’s attention span lasts in any one activity for an average of one minute per year of life, i.e. 5-6 minutes for key stage one, 7-10 minutes for key stage 2).

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